Simple is an initiative of RetireAustralia and has been designed to help you to stay connected, independent and at the forefront of the technological advancements that are so quickly changing the way we live and interact.

Movies, TV, music, Skype, magazines, shopping, travel bookings, maps, healthcare, newspapers, you name it, are all going digital and we want you to have access to them quickly, easily and affordably.

We also want you to be able to enjoy a guilt-free chat on the phone to friends and family, no matter how far away they are, and the option to utilise extra support and boost your computer skills if you need to.

Whether it’s a phone plan, internet plan or ‘bundle’ you’re after, Simple has a deal that’s ‘exactly right for you’.


Simple bundles of high speed broadband, phone, entertainment and telehealthcare are the first step in bringing technology to life at Retire Australia communities.

Phone & Internet Plans

Whether it’s a phone plan, internet plan or ‘bundle’ you’re after, Simple has a deal that’s ‘exactly right for you’.


The best of live sport, news, movies, drama and documentaries, with cartoons for the grandkids.

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Our Vision for the Future.

Smart home technology is flourishing and we believe it can assist our residents to remain self-reliant for as long as possible.

Houses of the future will be smarter and more helpful than ever before. Fitted with monitors, switches, detectors, remote controls, screens, sensors and other assistive technologies, they will foster confidence, peace of mind and independence.

Imagine being able to monitor your own vital signs (body temperature, pulse, respiration, glucose levels, heart rhythms and blood pressure) using a wearable device or have a fall detected by an E-Neighbour sensor.

Imagine also if your doctor was able to access your basic health information quickly and easily and consult with you via a screen from the comfort of your own villa, unit or apartment.

Imagine if your air conditioner knew you had left your villa and switched off to save power or your blown light bulb instantly triggered a maintenance request.


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